Flipping Tip: Catch students doing something right!


Catch a student doing something right today!

Motivation is a key factor and you can make a huge impact on it by catching a student doing something right and praising them for it. Now let's take it one small step further.

Why not use your iPhone and iMovie to capture your praise and his/her pride in a job well done. A short videoclip is all you need. 

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Let's say a child has done a nice job on a painting. When you post it on the wall have your student stand beside it and videotape their expression as you offer a few words of praise.

Better yet! Have the student say something about their work before you praise them.

Now it won't take long to point-and-shoot a video and imagine how proud your student will be. Isn't that pride well worth the $4.95 you paid for iMovie at the Apple iTunes App Store?

Spruce your videoclip up right if you wish. iMovie comes with visual themes and you can choose your favorite theme music and sound effects too. 

Share the pride! You can email or memo the video to the parents. Or post it on your school website if its secure. Sharing will payback dividends. Parents will have a favorable impression of you and the school. The Principal will be impressed with your creativity and commitment.

Your peers will want their own iPhones equipped with iMovie too.

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