Flipping Tip: Be Prepared for Anything

"Be Prepared... The meaning of the motto is that a scout must prepare himself by previous thinking out and practicing how to act on any accident or emergency so that he is never taken by surprise." - Robert Baden-Powell

This week we experienced the destructive power of nature as hurricane Sandy ripped across the east coast and caused destruction as far west as Chicago, Illinois. Things were much calmer in South Dakota where we watched in a strange combination of horror and comfort reflecting on both the storm and the presidential election. I admit my heart was warmed by the stellar cooperation of Governor Chris Christie and President Obama when they had a common goal thrust upon them.

At times like this we wonder how we might help others and survive but we rarely act on such thoughts until it is too late. 

Emergencies happen everyday. People suffer cuts, burns, broken bones, heart attacks, strokes, and more all around us but we often do not notice. When we do notice most of us do not know how to help. The people who suffer are our students, customers, employees, peers, coworkers, neighbors, and families and it's time we accept responsibility for the care we profess.

How? By being good scouts and learning how to help.

The American Red Cross has a free app you need to install on all of your mobile computing devices. It's First Aid. You'll find it at the app store.  Its within the Health & Fitness category. Its information is current with an update as recent as August 23, 2012 and it only consumes 22.8 MB of your storage space. It enjoys a 4+ rating and is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad with iOS 4.2 or later. So what does it do? Plenty!

The first thing you'll notice when you run this app is the emergency button. Just tap it whenever you find yourself in an emergency situation and you'll have guidance at your fingertips. Select an emergency from Allergies / anaphylaxis to Unconscious and you'll have immediate guidance. Just follow the instructions and you can save a life.

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Be a good scout and spend some time in the Learn first aid section to learn how to diagnose a medical situation. You'll find videos on treatment, illustrations & animations describing the condition. related first aid tips, and Q&A. Scholars will want to test their knowledge and the Red Cross abliges with a battery of challenge tests. 

The Prepare for emergencies section covers all kinds of situations from Chemical Emergencies to Winter weather. Yes, there is a page on Hurricanes! These pages tell you how to prepare for the situation as well as what to do before, during, and afterwards. Be a leader and keep this information handy!

If you want more just click More... for the latest news or to take a Red Crosss course! You can also volunteer, buy a first aid kit, register as a blood donor, join the mobile users group, and make a financial donation.

Now you know what to do to be of real help to your community. Save your excess food stuffs for your local food pantry and work on improving your first aid skills.

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