Blackboard on your iPhone

"Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire." - William Butler Yeats


Imagine having a college education at your fingertips. It's possible when you use Blackboard Mobile Learn.

This free app is a portal to any Blackboard server. Just select your school and login! Everything is there waiting for you; content, podcasts, blogs, discussions, journals, tests, rosters, and grades. It's just like being on campus except you can take it with you. 

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You can even enable push notifications to remind you of key deadlines like due dates and exams! 

There are no compatibility issues with Blackboard Mobile Learn as it is available for iOS, Android, Blackberry, and WebOS platforms. This means you can change smartphones whenever you like and still be a mobile learner.

Blackboard Mobile Learn is also available for tablets like the iPad.

As an educator I see great potential here to create new educational opportunities. I think of single parents and others who cannot commit to a rigid academic schedule due to their responsibilities at work and home. Now they can participate in higher education on their schedule. It is very exciting!

Educators have been telling how they were going to use computer technology to improve education for decades. Now they have the opportunity to do so. Let's hope they have the wisdom to embrace mobile learning.

Blackboard is a leader in the development of Internet-based education software. Their software and services are used by over 9,300 instituions in over 60 countries.  

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