A Bendy Chicken: ALPHABET BOOK

Book CoverBelieve it or not, Australians and Americans do speak the same language though I'm not quite sure about the British. ;-) Our children share a need to learn the same alphabet. This wonderful storybook helps toddlers learn their letters while tickling their funny bones.

This book, written by C. R. Trevanion and illustrated by Ron Monnier, is available in many formats; hardcopy, pdf, and e-book at the Apps Store.

The cover demonstrates the bending chicken forming the letters A, B, and C on a rich blue background. Kids love primary colors! They will also love the narrator's deep voice as he reads the title accompanied by Bendy's own voice.

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Bendy dances off the page to reveal the next. This page requires the child's name on the first read so it be displayed it on subsequent readings. Parents or an older child would be handy at this time. Bendy herself points the direction to move back and forth throughout the book.

Story PageThe next few pages give the cover story of Bendy the Chicken and her talent for forming the letters of the alphabet. The narrator reads this aloud before the Bendy Chicken song is sung and played on an acoustic guitar. The illustrations are fun!

MenuThe children are then presented with a menu consisting of each letter of the alphabet. Each letter is associated with an animal whose name just happens to begin with that letter. Imagine that!

Kids can pick any discrete letter or advance through the alphabetic in ascending and descending order.

Click on any letter and it's page is displayed with animation and narration; "A on an angry ape" through "Z on a zigzagging zebra's back". The phrases are very silly and entertaining and some reveal Bendy's roots in the Outback.

The letter MThere is even a dynamic puzzle game!

This is great educational software for preschoolers! You'll find it for your iPad out the the Apps Store. I couldn't find it for the iPhone and I believe it really needs a bigger device anyway.

PuzzleLoad this one up and keep it handy! 

Bendy Chicken is published by the State of Queensland with music performed by Scott Dowden and Bruce Corbett, The Bendy Chicken song is performed by Kristin O'Callaghan. Paul Davies is the narrator. Copyright 1968 by the Commonwealth.

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