Wanted: Foldable, Portable iPhone Keyboard

 Attention product developers at MacNally, Belkin, etc. For the love of all that is holy can someone please develop a foldable, portable external keyboard for both the iPhone and iPod touch. Am I the only one who has been dying for one of these to be out on the market? I know that MacNally had created a bluetooth external keyboard last year that never made it to the market due to the fact that it required a Bluetooth connection which was not available until this past week when the iPhone 3.0 was released. Otherwise you had to jailbreak your phone in order to to connect to a portable keyboard even to Apple's wireless keyboard.

So now that 3.0 is now available as is the bluetooth option to connect bluetooth devices to your iPhone there are no more excuses. I can't tell you how many people that I know and work with who would not think twice about ponying up  for one of these lifesavers.

My copywriting partner Mark has an old Palm with a great foldable keyboard that makes him live the complete independent mobile freelance lifestyle. He loves to leave the office and go to the local Starbucks or coffeeshop to concept and work on his assignments. The freedom he is allowed because of this little jem is incredible. We both have an hour and a half one way commute into Manhattan and a good portion of that is spent on one train. And no more laptop, just my iPhone and my portable keyboard. But it has to be foldable. That is the key! Just think of all the additional blogs and articles I could be writing for you folks. 

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