Protect your iPad 2 in luxurious style with the Piel Frama leather iPad 2 Case

First off, I am a BIG fan of Piel Frama cases. I had one for my first iPhone, my iPhone 4 and my iPad 1. When I purchased my iPad 2, I definitely wanted to protect it with their updated case.

The case that was shipped to me was the leather classic magnetic enclosure in black for the iPad 2. As with any Piel Frama case, when you receive the box that the case comes in, the presentation will make you feel as if you are opening something special. And this case is! The case wraps around the iPad 2 similar to a book jacket or portfolio. Both the front and the back have padding installed to soften the blow in case you drop it. However, their isn't a ton there so don't test it out! But it does offer a lot more protection than Apple’s Smart Case (I think anything does).
All of the controls all accessible by the case including the all important sync cable. The headphone jack, power button, home button, hold button, volume controls and the speakers are also easily accessible inside the case. The case also includes holes cutout at the top of the screen on the front and on the back for the front facing and rear facing cameras.
The leather of the case is made from high quality cowskin and it just feels luxurious. Definitely not chinzy and the case has that professional business class look to it. Similar to a really high quality leather bound professional portfolio. On the inside back flap there is a small pocket for a single document or a cleaning cloth. A cleaning cloth for your iPad 2’s screen is included.
I love that the front cover acts as a stand for the iPad 2 when you wrap it behind. It gives you the option of adjusting the flap so that you can either have your iPad flat on a table or at a slight angle which is great for typing (which I am doing now) on the train or at a table at Starbucks.
My favorite feature is the “magnetic sleep mode function.” When you open up the front cover, the magnets inside the cover wake your iPad 2 so it is all ready for you. And when you close the front cover the magnets put your iPad 2 back to sleep. Exactly like Apple’s Smart Case. The magnets also keep the front cover secure so that it doesn’t accidentally open up. Piel Frama says that magnets will not damage the iPad 2. But I wouldn’t keep any credit cards, subway passes or Starbucks cards inside the inner pocket unless you want them erased.
I have received a lot compliments about my Piel Frama case. Everyone loves to touch and feel the case. The leather classic magnetic case for the iPad 2 is not cheap at $175.00 (I am sure you can find it slightly cheaper by doing a search online) but they do offer free express shipping worldwide. The leather magnetic case is available in 9 assorted colors. As far as my iPad 2 is concerned, this case is worth it and if I didn’t receive a free sample from Piel Frama, I would definitely pony up the $175 for it.
Here are some specs by the manufacturer:
• This leather case has been handmade by our experienced leather craftsmen in high quality cowskin, it has passed strict quality controls during the whole manufacturing process.
• Magnetic sleep mode function.
• Magnets system closure.
• Sync through travel cable.
• 1 document compartment.
• Soft Leather Lining.
• 1 Leather Chamois.
• ABS inserted protection.
• 9 Colors available: Black, tan, red, green, blue, pink, orange, brown and yellow.
• Delivery Time: 15 days.
• Other cases and styles available
If you are in the market for a high end case and want something that protect and has the coolness sleep mode function of the Apple Smart Case, then this is for you. You and your iPad 2 will definitely be making a statement with this high end case.
Thanks to Piel Frama for providing a sample. My iPad 2 and I thank you.
***Disclosure***: Piel Frama did provide me with a free sample case to review. However, at no time was I compensated for this review.
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