INCASE releases new Monochrome Slider Cases for iPhone 3GS / iPhone 3G

INCASE has just released its new Monochrome Slider Case series for Fall 2009. Adding to INCASE's white and black Slider Case family, now a customer can find these sleek and durable cases made of lightweight plastic in 5 new monochromatic colors. The Monochrome Slider Case exterior are not only two-tone in look, but also have a dual textured feel to them. The hardshell case has a soft touch finish that feels comfortable in your hand while protecting your iPhone from impacts and scratches.


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The case has openings that let you access all of the iPhone’s features, including the touchscreen, power on/off button, home button, headphone jack, camera and volume controls. There is also an opening at the bottom for the speakers and the USB charging cable. The plastic shell comes in two parts, making it easy to open it and slip your iPhone in and out.




My absolute favorite feature is the little “S-Stand” that comes with the Monochrome Slider Case. This small, curved piece of clear plastic acts as a base for the case. Allowing you to stand the iPhone up on a flat surface in both vertical and horizontal positions. This is great for  easy upright viewing of your iPhone widescreen.  The S-Stand can also be used in either direction to provide viewing angles of either 45 or 65 degrees.


The Monochrome Slider Case are available in five subtle hues that include: pale grey, celery green, sky blue, soft pink and jute (brown). It’s a great choice for a hard shell case. I am never disappointed with any of INCASE's products and I don't think you will be either.


The Monochrome Slider Cases for iPhone 3GS and iPhone 3G are available now for $34.95 and are only available for a limited time only through the Apple Store and at



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