G Design releases iPhone Tripod Attachment

With the holiday season upon us, you better be prepared to bust out that iPhone for the spur of the moment family photo and/or video. And here is a ingenius new product to help you take that perfect photo or video. The U+3G iPhone Holder from G Design LLC is the perfect accessory to help attach your iPhone to a tripod. Not one of those small mini tripods mind you, but the larger sizes for camcorders and high end cameras. The holder accommodates all versions of the iPhone (original, 3G, 3GS).

The U+3G iPhone Holder is a "U" shaped piece of sturdy ASB black plastic that you place your iPhone into. The fit is tight and secure so that the iPhone won't bounce around. It doesn't fit around the entire iPhone only about the 3/4 mark. At the bottom of the holder features "durable brass threads for a secure attachment" where you screw it into a tripod. Built into the back of the holder is a piece that is cutout for the camera. It does impede trying to access the power button, volume controls and vibrate button. However, when placing your iPhone this way you have full access to the bottom of your iPhone so you can connect your USB charger. But you can also flip the iPhone the other way into the holder if you need to get at the controls. But you obviously won't be able to connect the charger since that portion of the iPhone holder is screwed into the tripod.

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Setup is extremely easy and will be a perfect accessory when you want to have the perfect shot and/or video that doesn't bounce around.

Here are my two recommendations to implement for the next product release.

#1 - Have some kind of cover inside that covers up the screw part of the holder. I was afraid of was screwing the tripod in too far because I didn't want to scratch my iPhone.

#2 - I would cut out pieces in the holder so that you are able to access the power, volume and vibrate controls.

#3 - Since the iPod touch is not as thick as the iPhone it will not work with the iPod touch. The iPod touch swims inside it. So when the new iPod touch comes out with a camera, it would be a good idea for G Designs to create one for it as well. Definitely do not neglect this market.

Other than that I would definitely recommend this. And for just $8.95 (plus shipping and handling) it's a bargain. This will be a perfect stocking stuffer for that special someone on your list.

For more information and/or to order go to www.iphone-tripodholder.com


Editor's Note: G Design LLC did provide this blogger with a free sample of this product. This is an unbiased review.


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