FlightTrack for iPad Lets You Be Your Own Air Traffic Controller

Mobiata Brings the iPhone’s Best-Selling Travel App to the iPad

Mobiata announced the launch of their best-selling iPhone applications, FlightTrack and FlightTrack Pro, for the iPad. FlightTrack is the #1 best-selling paid travel application on the App Store and the iPad version takes advantage of the expanded size and capabilities of the iPad to give people an amazing flight tracking experience. Users can track unlimited, multiple flights and watch each flight’s progress on the gorgeous map interface. It looks amazing.

"We’re so excited for FlightTrack to be a part of the iPad launch,” said Ben Kazez, president and founder of Mobiata. "Since the iPad was announced, our customers have been asking us to bring FlightTrack and FlightTrack Pro to the iPad and we are sure they’ll be blown away with the features on the big, multi-touch screen. We’re excited to let the Mobiata community know that the iPad download is free for FlightTrack users who already have the app for the iPhone and iPod touch.”

Mobiata has earned success and accolades by creating travel applications specifically designed to utilize each mobile platform. Instead of simply reworking elements from a website or other service, Mobiata painstakingly thinks through the capabilities of the device and then how the end-user utilizes it. Because of this, the iPad versions of FlightTrack and FlightTrack Pro bring a totally new element to the app. The iPad versions allow people to track all of their flights at once -- essentially allowing people to have an air traffic controller’s view.

"We’re so happy with the app’s look and feel on the iPad,” added Kazez. “FlightTrack’s live flight maps look gorgeous on the huge, multi-touch iPad screen."

Get the apps here: http://www.mobiata.com/flighttrack-ipad

In addition to FlightTrack and FlightTrack Pro, Mobiata also develops TripDeck and HotelPal for iPhone and FlightTrack for Android and BlackBerry.

About Mobiata

Mobiata creates best selling mobile travel applications for smartphones. Since its founding in December 2008, Mobiata’s applications have been featured by the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Washington Post, TechCrunch, USA Today and in Apple TV and print ads. Mobiata’s apps include the best selling FlightTrack, FlightTrack Pro, TripDeck and HotelPal applications. Mobiata also offers mobile travel design and development services, enabling third parties to easily launch a well-crafted mobile strategy. Mobiata is headquartered in Ann Arbor, Michigan. For more information, visit the website at www.mobiata.com

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