ESPN ScoreCenter App is a Home Run

This weekend I stumbled across the ESPN ScoreCenter app. And let me tell you this app is a must have for any sports nut or even a non-sports nut like myself. First off being a designer, this app is beautifully designed compared to 95% of the other sports app out there. Secondly, it's F-R-E-E! And third, it is for both the iPhone and iPod touch.


When you first launch the app there is a loading screen that gives you a "Did You Know" factoid that is relevant to what is going on in sports for that day. For instance, yesterday was the Mens Wimbledon Final and the factoid informed me that the last American to win the Mens Wimbledon Final was Pete Sampras in 2000. I definitely used that little nugget to impress my wife who is a tennis fanatic.

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The app loads all the scores fairly quickly 10 - 15 seconds (of course this depends upon your 3G or wireless connection). The interface is beautiful and simple to use and lets you customize what sports & teams scores you want to have displayed. They have everything including Rugby and even the English Premier League for "Football" or Soccer as we call it over here in the states. And that is just scratching the surface of what is available for the Soccer.


Here are just some of the sports offered:

• Football/Soccer 
• Baseball (MLB) 
• American Football (NFL) 
• Basketball (NBA) 
• Ice Hockey (NHL) 
• NCAA College Football, Basketball 
• NASCAR, Formula 1, Indycar 
• Golf 
• Tennis 
• Cricket 
• Rugby


The best part is that you can arrange the order of your sports and teams to your personal preferences.



Once you have your preferences set up you are returned to the main page and it acts very similar to the iPhone's Weather app. Each sports has it's own screen. You just flick and you are taken to the next sports screen. ScoreCenter uses the same little white breadcrumb dots (that you see at the bottom of your home screen) at the bottom of each sports screen so you can see where you are and how many sports pages you have set up. At the bottom of the screen is ESPN's trademark sports news ticker which is a great bonus with all the current sports news of the day.



The MLB scores screen is very impressive and well thought out. It shows the scores of the games for the day and if you want more detailed information you tap on that game's button and it launches a another window with all that is currently going on for that game. It is highly detailed including, balls, strikes, outs, who at  bat, whose on base, who is currently pitching, etc. I have to say I was quite impressed when I was following the Yankees vs Blue Jays game on Saturday with ScoreCenter.



Once a game is final and you can find out who the top performers for both teams were, the season series score between both teams, the standings for your teams division and options to get even more in-depth recap by tapping on a link to the ESPN Mobile Web.


The only thing that this app is missing is push notification for your teams. That would be awesome to have. So I hope you folks at ESPN are listening.


This definitely receives my iPhone Life Editor's Choice Award for an app.

Click here to download ESPN ScoreCenter and enjoy!


All the best,


:: K

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