Attention Developers - In App Contests & Sweepstakes Finally Allowed - The KaChing Button First App to have In App Contest

Folks, just received this from Social Media guru, fellow app developer and Digital Future CEO Joel Comm that Apple has now made it possible for developers to include in app contests and sweepstakes.

Comm remarked "Up until now, Apple has not allowed contests and sweepstakes in apps.  However, they have made a change that the majority of devs don’t know about.  And it is going to have an explosive affect on the app store. Contests and sweepstakes are now allowed. That means we will soon seen an entirely new genre of apps... And there will be MANY of them.  Mark my words. However, no one has really broken this story yet.  And we’ve got the app that ties in with it... It’s the first of it’s kind." 

Digital Future wasted no time taking advantage of this new amazing feature. Within their new novelty appThe KaChing Button app, they are having a sweepstakes and giving away up to $1,000/day for 30 days. For full details check out their site here.

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This is very exciting indeed and is exactly a perfect marketing tool that developers needed to drive more visibility to their apps which will hopefully translate into increased sales.

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As always folks, please feel free to email if you have any questions, suggestions, etc.

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