A New Way to Give: Shopping!

I love apps that not only are useful, but make me feel good. The Real Miracles app fits the bill perfectly.   This app supports The Children’s Miracle Network, which is one of the leading children’s charities in the world that helps in fundraising efforts for 170 Children’s Miracle Network hospitals. With this app, you easily find out more information about The Children’s Network, the children it is helping, or local Children's Miracle Network hospitals. Making a donation is easy: you can use your Paypal account or simply add $5 to your phone bill with just a few clicks.

You even shop your favorite retailers using the app (it links to the shoppingformiracles.org website) and a portion of the proceeds will be given back to The Children’s Miracle Network. Over 300 retailers are currently participating, and more will be added. These aren’t small name retailers either. On the Top 40 Retailer picks listed on the homepage, you will find big names like Walmart, eBay, Amazon, Best Buy, Gap and others. When you click on a retailer from the site, it asks for your zip code so the donation is sent to your local Children’s Miracle Network hospital.
Since the app has been released, it has been downloaded close to 600 times, and the goal would be that everyone who downloads the app visits the shoppingformiracles site and takes advantage of some positive retail therapy. Giving through shopping- for shopaholics like me this is a great concept!


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