Never Miss Your Favorite Band Again!

For those of you who love live music, the iConcertCal app is for you.  I can't count how many times my husband and I have been out on Saturday night and he'd say "Let's go find somewhere that's playing music." and then we look at each other blankly.  This little app is well-worth the $2.99 price tag so that we never have to struggle with that question again.

iConcertCal is an app that allows you to search for live music in your area.  You can personalize the listings by your favorite artists or simply use the app to search local venues and upcoming dates.  I found the interface incredibly easy to use and it was easy to jump between the listing of All Shows (which sorts by date starting with today), and Venues which sorts the listing by distance.  If you are traveling away from home, you can change your location settings so that you can find local music wherever you happen to be.

Once you have found your artist of interest, there can be several options available.  If tickets can be purchased online, there is an option to purchase tickets.  You can also email the concert information to a friend, see a map of the venue location, or link to the iTunes store to buy music from that artist.  

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Within 5 minutes of opening the app I found out that Taylor Swift is playing at a local venue in October.  I'm buying those tickets!  This app definitley makes me feel like I am "in-the-know" of the local music scene.  You'll never miss a concert by your favorite artist again- unless, of course, you already have plans.  

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