My Daily Dose of E!

I thought for my inaugural blog post, I'd share with you my fav app right now.  I wonder if there is an app out there that could decipher a person's personality by loading in their 5 most used apps?  (If there isn't, wouldn't that be cool?  Developers out there take note!)  Then I wonder what personality trait I'm revealing by telling you that I am addicted to E! Online.

I love celebrity gossip.  It ranks right up there with the bad reality TV shows in my book.  Yes, it is sad.  But it is a guilty pleasure, and one I know is shared by many people. (That's okay.  I won't make you admit it.)  I found the E! Online app a few weeks ago, and it is definitely my top used app.  The best part?  It was FREE.

The app is impressive in the depth of content available.  The news feed is updated frequently and runs both articles and video updates.  Sometimes I check it in the morning, and have another good 10-15 minutes worth of new content when I check again in the afternoon.  I consider myself now "in the know" all the time with the latest hook-ups, break-ups, Twilight updates, and Brangelina happenings, and that is really just scratching the surface.

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Once I've got all that covered, there is a nice range of show snippets from the popular E! shows like The Soup (my personal fav), Chelsea Lately, and others.  My only complaint is that there appears to be only one snippet per show that I've found so far, and with some of them I have a hard time believing that was the best piece of the show to feature.

There's even more to this app, including all the latest celebrity pictures and access to the regular columinsts posts from the E! website.  Being a frequent visitor to that site, I don't feel like I'm missing a thing in this little app and the best part is I can keep up with the grapevine anywhere I happen to be.

So gossip lovers rejoice, and be sure to get your daily dose of E!


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