Makeover Madness

A recently released app by Cactus Publishing, aBeauty Pro, offers women the opportunity try a make-up makeover without leaving home and or spending any money.  My first criteria for picking an app is a good description, and this hooked me right away!  What woman doesn’t love a makeover?  

There are two different versions available, and the paid app lets you upload your own photo for use when trying on themake-up.  (In the Lite version you only have models from the provided library.)
I downloaded this app thinking “Make me beautiful aBeauty Pro!”   Then I spent a solid five minutes trying to take the perfect headshot with my camera phone.  (I was a model now!) I opened the app to get started and pulled up the only respectable shot that I managed in that five minutes.   
When using your own picture, you have to first set parameters for your eyes, lips, and cheeks so it knows where to place the make-up on your picture.  I deduced this from the eventual end result- while in process I had no idea why or what I was doing.
At this point you have your “You” template ready and it is time for magic!  A color slider is provided to move between different colors for three facial areas: eyes (eye color, shadow), cheeks (blush) and lips (lip color).  You can also choose the color intensity level for softer or more dramatic looks.  Once you are happy with your new look, you have the option to save it, send it to a friend, or publish it to Facebook or Twitter.
I had a better result using one of the library model pictures than my own.  I’m not sure if it was the picture quality or user error, but nothing looked good on me.  I did change my eye color from brown to an emerald green though: cool but  freaky.  Unfortunately once I saved the look, I didn’t get any information on the colors I selected (like the names), or product referrals.
This app was fun to play with for a few minutes, but I would have been fine with the free version since I didn’t have luck with my own photo.  I give it high marks for entertainment value, but low marks for utility because once the makeover is complete you have no info to make it a reality.  (Hint, hint, to the app developers!)  That kind of info would really ratchet up the usefulness of this app for us Glamour Queens.


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