Accessory Apps

I recently stopped in the Apple store and was admiring all of the shiny new laptops, iPhones and iPods when I was approached by one of the ever present Apple staffers. My husband and I were shopping for an new iPhone case for him to use when he runs, and in the name of research, I asked the young man what the most popular accessory was for the iPhone.

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I was surprised when he answered “Apps. “ When pushed, he acknowledged that cases and car chargers are also popular, but then he reiterated that Apps were the most popular accessory.

I never thought of an App as an accessory. I admit this is probably a product of my traditional, linear thinking brain. When I think of an accessory I think spoilers for cars, or scarves, purses and jewelry.  A quick check on advises that an accessory is a “supplementary part that adds convenience or attractiveness”. No doubt Apps do that.
For all the athletic folks out there looking for some added convenience, I want to mention RunKeeper Pro (Fitness Keeper, Inc.).   The app offers several different activities (running, cycling, walking, skiing, hiking), and you simply press start when you start your activity and it will track distance, duration, speed and several other variables. All of this information can be stored on a web dashboard for future reference. 
This came in handy the other day when my husband decided to take the kids out on a bike ride. The app tracked the route and distance, and I received a link in my email later showing me where they had traveled in their wanderings. This is one app that I think would be great for my neighborhood walks, so I am considering purchasing it myself.  (No more retracing my steps in the car to track the mileage!) Given that I am a free app advocate, and this app costs a pricey $9.99,this is a ringing endorsement.
So what is your favorite convenience accessory?


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