[COMMENT] iPhone 4S Replacement

When Apple released iOS 6 GM (Gold Master) for developers I installed it on my iPhone 4S (64 GB, white). As I was going through the configuration screens, to my surprise, I did not get the screen asking for my wireless network. I thought that was a little odd.

When I reached the main screen I tapped Settings to check the Wi-Fi setting. For some reason the ON/OFF switch was ghosted out. Very strange...

Initially, I had thought this issue might have been a very serious software bug in the iOS 6 GM. Since iOS 6 was being released to the public in a few days, I thought I would contact Apple to see why this was happening.

Within a day I got a phone call from from someone at Apple who told me he was passing me on to AppleCare to have my defective iPhone 4S replaced with a new one. After verifying my personal information and the information from the iPhone 4S, I was e-mailed a FedEx label to send the defective unit back to Apple in California.

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To verify it was not a software bug I installed the IOS 6 GM on my wife's iPhone 4S. Her Wi-Fi was working perfectly. It turns out it was not a software bug that killed my Wi-Fi. For some odd reason, after I installed iOS 6, my Wi-Fi hardware just completely died. That is why it was ghosted out in the Wi-Fi settings screen.

This morning I received the new replacement via FedEx. After starting it up I had to install iOS 6, because it came with iOS 5.1.1. Once I was up and running I was not getting an AT&T cellular signal. I decided to call AT&T and see what could be done about getting my information transferred to this new iPhone.

I thought it was going to take eons to get this problem worked out. To my surprise, it took only about five minutes. After verifying my personal information with AT&T customer service, the woman I was speaking with asked me for the IMEI and ICCID numbers found on the About screen in the General settings. Then she asked me to turn the iPhone off and back on after a couple of minutes. Once I was on the main screen she wanted me to call 611 to verify the cellular signal was working. Worked perfectly! Woohoo!

This is my first time dealing with a very serious hardware issue on the iPhone like this. I have read about a lot of problems with AT&T customer service, but honestly I have not experienced any of that with them in the three years I have been with them. AT&T customer service rocks IMHO!

Also, Apple’s customer service is hands down the best out there in the retail market. When I purchased this iPhone 4S earlier this year the first one given to me had to be replaced within a few days. Reason? The cellular signal was very weak for some reason. No problem. I exchanged it at the Apple Store for the one I just sent back to Apple via FedEx. So, this is the third iPhone 4S I have received. The third time is the charm. Everything appears to be functioning quite well with the new replacement.

To be honest I am a little concerned about the quality control of Apple’s products, but at least Apple backs up their products with the best customer service available.

All is well in my Apple universe... :)


New replacement iPhone 4S

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