[COMMENT] Apple Store app

// begin rant

I normally don't complain much about some of the things Apple does, but something needs to be said about the pathetic state of the Apple Store app. Many of you are aware of exactly what I am talking about. Why doesn't Apple show iPad owners some Universal love?

Apple created the iPad, so you would think that Apple would have created a standalone Apple Store app for iPad. Or better yet, create a Universal Apple Store app that can be used on any iOS device. As it stands today, the Apple Store app looks horrible on my iPad's (3rd generation) Retina Display.

It's almost like Apple thinks no one does any shopping for Apple products on an iPad.

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I've e-mailed Apple's CEO, Tim Cook, about this, but so far I have not received a response from him or someone delegated to give such a response.

All one has to do is read the comments for the Apple Store app on the iTunes Store to see the prevailing mood. Apple... The Apple Store app should be updated as soon as humanly possible to provide support for the iPad, and also with full Siri support. The iPad is one of Apple's best-selling products. Don't you think you should promote it in the best way possible? This should be a priority! Your customers are demanding it, so why do you continually ignore their wishes?

Apple... Do you think this looks nice on the iPad? :/


Apple Store app


// end rant

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