SRS’ MyTunes Pro Cranks Out Incredible Sound from the iPhone and iPad 's Tiny, Tinny speaker

As some of you may have realized, I’ve been on a bit of a writing hiatus thanks to my extremely hectic schedule, so when SRS asked me to take a look at MyTunes Pro, I didn’t – with all honesty – have much intention of covering the app... until I used it!

It’s so loaded with features that I had to share it with the iPhone Life readers! According to SRS, both MyTunes Pro for iPhone and MyTunes Pro HD for iPad were designed to enhance any i-device’s ability to play lossless and compressed digital music to sound truer to the studio recording.

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The apps seamlessly pull music, podcasts and audio book files from your iTunes music library stored on the device.  This is definitely the most advanced music player app I’ve ever tried, but, one won’t hear the magic until they discover the incredible variety of advanced processing features built-in to the app’s settings menus.

MyTunes Pro addresses the iPhone’s audio quality by working in a host of SRS Labs’ proprietary audio signal processing technologies, most notably WOW HD, which the company claims retrieves audio information that gets lost in the recording and compression processes, resulting in music that sounds far more natural. SRS says the technology restores the natural tonality and spatial characteristics of recordings, making music sound as if you’re in the same room as the artist. In my testing,

I heard a noticeable improvement and expansion in my tracks’ soundstages, definitely giving it a more live sound. I also immediately heard a noticeable improvement in quality and didn’t even have to work the advanced settings.

The app also has a ton of great features, including:

• SRS WOW HD™ Processing: Restores the natural tonality and spatial characteristics of recorded audio, making music sound as if the listener is in the same room as the artist

• Fully adjustable 10-band EQ with presets or a simple 3-knob tone control: Offers users complete personalization of audio playback

• SRS bass sculpting technology: Provides deeper, booming bass from headphones and speakers

• Listening device presets: Provides custom tailored enhancement tunings to deliver optimal clarity and detail based on user selected headphones or speaker type

• Volume normalization: Utilizes SRS’ award-winning TruVolume technology to maintain a consistent listening volume regardless of the music played

• Party Mode: Simply select a playlist and the app will reorganize them to fit your party style

• Workout Mode: The app automatically adjust your music to fit the intensity of your workout

• Speed Control: Let’s users speed up or slow down the speed of their podcasts and audio books with no detrimental effect on the pitch and tone of the voice

• Airplay® Support: Provides the ability to send MyTunes enhanced music files to any Airplay enabled device, maintaining MyTunes improved sound quality

• Advanced drilldown search: Provides a simple way to navigate through substantial music collections allowing users to find songs with ease

• Special driving mode: Optimizes the GUI for ease of use and minimal distraction (MyTunes Pro only)

DJ-style transitions: Offers the full experience of having a live DJ mix the user’s playlist


All in all, this is a must-have app for anymore seeking better quality audio from their i-devices. After experiencing the MyTunes Pro difference, I could never go back to the standard music player app again. MyTunes Pro HD for iPad, and MyTunes Pro for iPhone and iPod are both available as a free download from the iTunes App Store. Initially, you get the fully functioning music player to listen to your music library and sample the apps’ advanced features for a restricted time of 10 minutes a day. 

If you like what you hear, you can then unlock the apps’ advanced features via a one-time in-app purchase (iPhone/iPod version - $6.99; iPad version - $9.99)    

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