Zombie Master for iPhone & iPad

Zombie Master is a fun game that combines all the fun and strategy of StarCraft with the action of Gears of War together into one great game.  As the name implies this game centers around hunting zombies, and keeping yourself alive.  To conquer the game you need to gather items including minerals, gas and foods so you can build different buildings, create new units and upgrade them both to keep yourself strong. 

As you are building up your base to protect yourself from the zombies you'll also need to gather up weapons including a sniper rifle, shotgun, grenades, machine gun, flash bombs and many others.  Using these weapons you can venture out to hunt the zombies before they attack your base.  You can also use them to protect your base from the invading horde of zombies.  This great combination of an action game and a strategy game are combined flawlessly to provide players with hours of fun and excitement. 

Everything about the game is made perfectly to ensure the game play is fun from beginning to end.  The developers of this great app are the same ones that made the smash hit “Castle Master 3D” and you can really tell because this game has many of the same features as CM3D. 

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The graphics of Zombie Master are top notch with great looking zombies, impressive weapons and scenery and a very attractive hero at the center of it all.  Unlike many other zombie games out today there are many different individual zombies which all have a great look to them which gives this app a sense of realism that is lacking in most other games of this type.

In addition to the great graphics, the sound effects and music in this game are very well done as well.  They really contribute to the greatness of Zombie Master.  While playing different areas the sound effects will range from quite humorous to somewhat grotesque depending on the situation.  They really combine well to make one great game even better.  The developers of this game really went to great lengths to ensure everything was done properly.

Finally, the storyline of this game is also quite good.  You progress through various levels in the game to build up bases and establishing a new civilization that can hopefully survives all the attacking zombies.  There are dozens of different levels you need to work to conquer as you progress through the game. 

Zombie Master was clearly designed for a more mature game player as the graphics and violence may be a little bit much for younger players.  In addition the game requires some real skill to complete.  A good combination of strategy and action skills will help you play your way through to completion, but not before you get hours of enjoyment.  Even after you've played through the entire game you'll still be able to back and replay the levels for additional fun and excitement.  With zombies being so popular today, this game really came out at the right time. Zombie Master is a universal app available for FREE from the App Store.

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