WhiteBoard Mojo for iPad

No longer is there any need to carry around a pad of paper or a pen, because WhiteBoard Mojo allows you to take notes and scribble information right on your iPad. The app you’ve been waiting for has finally arrived, giving you an impressive interface and simple design. WhiteBoard Mojo is easy to use for anyone, and the uses for it seem endless. It’s one of those apps that you can just sit down and play with for hours, allowing you to take the ideas in your head and put them on screen. Not long from now, every person working in the business world will be using this app every day.

Since the white board has been a crucial tool for business professionals for decades, the way VizMojoLabs has digitalized them is quite innovative. Any notes that I need to take are organized and in the same place, so when I need to refer to them, I know exactly where to look. When you have an idea, it is quick and often easy to forget. However with this app, anytime an idea pops into my head, I can just pull out my iPad and keep it forever, which has made it possible to build upon more ideas than I ever could.

Besides the simple and quick note taking options this app allows, it is a perfect tool to utilize during presentations. We’ve all seen someone pulling out a dry erase marker during a presentation to illustrate their points and clarify images that they are trying to create. There are some problems that present themselves in these situations, though. One problem is that people in the back of the room usually can’t see what is being drawn, and information is missed. With the ability to draw right on the screen, visibility is not an issue.

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Also, since there are a lot of business people out there that will confess to being mediocre artists, WhiteBoard Mojo has taken steps to erase that as a problem through its breakthrough features. Some of these features include preloaded graphics with many uses, 50 premade drawings, 5 sets of visual maps and guides, 50 videos that can teach you some basic drawing principles, as well as a white board space for free flowing creativity. This app gives professionals all the tools they need for a successful presentation and to be more creative in the way they get things done.

So, clearly this app is a useful tool in the business world. I would definitely recommend it to anyone who is looking to be more organized in their work. However, if you are interested in drawing or are a very visual person when it comes to ideas, this app is perfect for you as well. This app is recommended for just about anyone who needs to record the images in their head in a way that makes them clear. It will improve the way the business world works, and with the many features that come with the app, it will definitely help you get things done. 

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