Water Cycles for iPhone & iPad

The water cycles app is an entertaining game where you have to help guide the water from the mountains out to the sea using different pieces along the way.  The game gets challenging because you have to also bring the water to different towns, villages and cities to use before it finally makes its way to the sea.  Still not hard enough?  Well, when the water goes through the different cities it will get polluted, and you need to filter it to make it clean again before finally bringing it to the sea. 

As you can see this is quite a complex game once you get up into more difficult levels, and that's why it is so much fun and so addicting.  The first levels are quite simple and really just require you to get used to the controls and quickly bring the water from one place to another.  As you progress, however, it gets quite a bit more difficult and more fun as well!

The pieces you have to choose from will either bring the water in a straight line, turn the water, or even split the water into two directions.  There are also 'filter' pieces which you can add in to clean the water that passes through it.  Each piece can be placed on the board as it is, or with a single tap you can rotate the piece to ensure the water is being directed in the way you desire.  Taking the time to plan the most efficient path through the open fields, to the cities and finally out into the sea will earn you the most stars. 

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There are many different levels to complete, each with its own set of challenges.  Some of them will be difficult because you have to get the water to all the different cities; others because you have to use the different pieces in a specific way in order to successfully complete it.  The one thing that all the levels have in common is that they are fun and challenging.

The app was clearly designed very well and is quite simple to pick up and play.  The controls are easy to understand, and while there is a tutorial to explain it, you won't likely need it since it is very intuitive.  The graphics are well made and fit together nicely.  There are even cute sound effects throughout the game which really help to bring it to life.  Everything about this game was well done which contributes to the overall enjoyment.

This game can be fun for people of just about any age or experience.  Younger players might have difficulty getting through some of the more difficult levels, but it will still be fun for them to try to send the water throughout the area and just enjoy the game, even if they can't beat some of the levels.  Anyone who likes interactive puzzle games will really enjoy this great app.  It is especially good for people who are looking for a fun game which they can pick up whenever they have a few minutes, but don't want to dedicate hours on end to a game.  This is a fun app whether you have two minutes or two hours to enjoy it. Available on the App Store for $1.99

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