Wars Online - Defend Your Kingdom App Review

Wars Online – Defend Your Kingdom is a great app from MobeLabb which you can get for free on your mobile device.  This is an excellent example of what castle defender games should be, it has everything you're looking for and once you pick it up you'll be hooked for hours on end.  From the exciting game play to the complex strategy, this game is truly well made from opening title page through to the end.

This game has combined elements of both tower defense action as well as real-time role playing games like no other game to date has.  You're required to build up a strong army using medieval technologies including cannons, bombs, armor, healers and many other excellent units.  Many of your units can be upgraded to make them more powerful and help you defend your castle, or attack the enemy. 

When advancing through all the different levels in the single player mode you'll enjoy the great 2D graphics and fun sound effects included with this game.  There are many different levels to play and conquer throughout your quest to become the most powerful king in the game.  Just keep in mind that you'll have to use well timed attacks and complicated strategy to be all the levels on the hardest difficulty.

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While the single player mode is very fun, the true greatness of this game comes from its multi-player capability.  You can battle against real opponents from around the world in an extremely well designed heads up battle.  As you defeat enemies from anywhere in the world your rank will continue to climb until you're the most powerful king in the world.  The in game features of wars online keep the game fun and exciting hour after hour.  The fact that you can face the always unpredictable enemy from anywhere in the world means you never know what to expect in each game.

While playing you can send real time messages to other players, which are instantly translated into their own language so you can taunt them while delivering last attack to defeat their kingdom.  Once you've completed a battle you can share your victory with your friends instantly on Facebook or Twitter without ever having to leave the app.  During game play you'll earn gold which you can use to buy additional solders, upgrade existing guys or make them more powerful.  You can also save it up for later in the game where you feel you'll need it.

This is a truly well made game which will provide you with virtually endless hours of fun.  Most people will want to start out going through the single player campaign mode to get a good feel for the game before diving into the competitive world of multi player excitement.  This game will be fun for most people, but it may be somewhat complex for the youngest players to master.  Given that this is a free app, however, it is highly recommended that anyone give this exciting game a try.  Just be careful, once you start playing it is very difficult to stop.

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