Violet Storm App Review

Violet storm is a game which has the same general concept as the ‘Asteroids’ game from years ago.  Flying through space while shooting at different things which if you don’t kill them they will cause damage.  This is much more complex than the original asteroids game though.  First, there are many different types of enemies including asteroids but also enemies which will attack you and pursue you. 

During the game you collect different ‘power ups’ which make your weapons more powerful or give you additional life or shielding.  As you progress through the progressively more difficult waves you’ll be running into more and more complex enemies which will not only attempt to crash into you but also attack you with weapons of their own. 

The controls of the game are surprisingly easy to use for a game of this type.  On the bottom of the screen there are two circles, one on the left and one on the right. The one on the left controls the engine of the ship so you can fly around.  By putting your finger on the right side of this circle you’ll travel to the right.  Moving your finger around the circle controls the ship so you can avoid or attack the enemy. 

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The other circle on the right side of the screen controls your weapons in the same way.  This makes attacking very simple since you can fly your ship to the left and use your other thumb to attack any pursuing enemies.  You can shoot in any direction and change the direction and change it if needed in just a fraction of a second.  As you gain additional weapons you can drop bombs by tapping the small icon which appears around the weapon circle.

The game has fairly simple graphics, similar to that of “Asteroids” using mostly just geometric shapes throughout the game.  That being said, the colors in the game and the back ground are bright and vivid making even the simple graphics look great.  The sound in the game is done well and the controls are very easy to learn and use. 

There are several modes of play which you can choose from which give this game a little bit more enjoyable playing time, but it’s not really something you’re going to be spending days and days on.  This is a great game for pulling out on a bus or while waiting for a friend but it won’t hold your attention for more than twenty minutes at a time since it does get somewhat repetitive after a while.

Whether you’re looking for something simple and fun to play or you want to get the nostalgic feel of playing a game from your youth, this game is well worth its small price tag.  It’s one of those games which while you may not play it for hours on end it is always fun to pick up and play for a few minutes here and there.  If you pick up this game you definitely won’t be disappointed. 


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