TryGuessThis for iPhone & iPod Touch

Try Guess This is a great app which takes the popular type of game where you have to guess what the other player's word is a big step forward.  In this game you get to pick a word, or choose a word that is suggested from the apps library of over 3000 words.  Once you've chosen your word you need to help the other player guess it by sending them an image.  You can find a picture in your mobile device or take a new picture to send to them to help them guess.

Once you've found that perfect picture and have sent it on to your friend they will have to try to guess the exact word.  While this may sound easy at first, it can get quite challenging depending on the word you get.  If, for example, you have the word “DOG” you can take a picture of any dog but how does your friend know whether it is looking for just Dog or a specific breed.  There are many examples of things like this which can make the game very fun. 

This app has a built in picture editor as well which can make the game a lot more fun.  You can add in arrows to point to a particular part of the picture, or make some changes to help your partner guess properly.  There are many little extras in this game which really show that the developers have gone all out in making this game as fun as possible for all the players. 

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Everything about this game is really well put together and works perfectly.  One of the features which was of some concern was how quickly the game could upload images and send them to the other player, but it happens in just seconds making the game very quick and fun to play. 

The game is set up very well which makes it easy to jump right in and start playing.  To make it even more fun you can choose to play with only your friends, people from your Facebook account or have the game randomly assign you a partner to play with.  As you play more games you'll likely develop a list of 'friends' who you play with most often which really helps a lot since you can get to know how each person plays which often helps you guess the right word. 

This game is perfect for anyone who enjoys a good guessing game, or playing games with other people.  With the great push notifications on this game you can pick it up every time it is your turn and make a guess or send a picture, then get back to your life.  This means you can have a great time playing this game with friends without having it take over your life like so many other games on the market today.  It is a great game for players of all ages and skill levels as well.

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