Trip to Worlds App Review

Trip to Worlds is a social app that allows travelers to share their various locations throughout the world.  It keeps track and documents where you've been, places that have been visited recently, and even tells you about highlights from each area.  Since social media has become extremely popular; the idea of Trip to Worlds is for friends to connect from all over the world. 

In order for this to work accurately; you will need to enable the Location Finder from your phone.  Once you open the app; you're taken to a map that will pinpoint your exact coordinates.  At the very top is an icon that says “Post and Boast” to share with friends via Facebook by showing a map of your location.  If you have the original app already installed, this will link up immediately.  By clicking on the Menu icon found on the top right; you can access and edit your traveling profile.  You are able to  sign in as a guest or link it directly through your Facebook which is the recommended way for maximum efficiency. 

The Menu page allows you to upload a photo for your profile along with settings, a travel map, and access to your friend's maps.  The friend's map will give you a summary of your friends, their profiles, and miles traveled.  You can even access a map to see their dropped pinpoints that are clearly obvious by blue and red pins.  The red pins actually identify your personal travels compared to theirs. 

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However, by clicking on the Travel Map option; you are given a map of your personal destinations only.  It also provides you the total distance that you've traveled combined which is always fun to share.  Of course, the option for “Posting and Boasting” is located at the top of the screen for your bragging pleasure.  In this section, you can click on “Tour List” and actually custom the color on  your map based on personal preference.  In other words; if you want to highlight a trip to Europe as your favorite place; you can make it purple.  You are able to Add Tours, which helps with customization, along with distance traveled, commentary, dates, and your overall rating.  Once you've completed this; the entire Travel Map will be designed according to you!

Finally, on the Menu page you can click on “About” to find out more information regarding this app.  It is constantly updated with news, company background, and the basics of the app itself.  And the Log Out option allows you and your friends to share the app on your iPhone as well.  It seems that the only friends that you can have on Travel to Worlds is through Facebook.  So, a suggestion to the developer would be to add the option to connect via the app itself; perhaps through a messaging board. 

The fact is that this is just the beginning of Social Media about traveling.  Instead of being limited; you can keep track of your destinations, rate the trips that were memorable, and even see what others are saying about future travels.  If you're a mobile person; then this is definitely something to check out!  

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