TravelVegas for iPhone

Travel Vegas is a great app for anyone who is thinking about visiting the Las Vegas area any time in the future.  The app functions as a travel or tour guide to the entire Las Vegas area.  In addition to helping you learn about all the great things to do in Vegas this app also has a deals section where you can find amazing deals on a wide variety of attractions in the area.  The deals are regularly updated and include things like free game play at specific casinos, guided tours, and discounted tickets to shows and much more.

The app is broken up into nine different categories ranging from generic deals to specific things like airfare, local attractions, nightlife and more.  Each section will give you a detailed list of things to do, where they can be found and even reviews written by other people.  This is a great way to find out about all the best things in Vegas without having to waste hours thumbing through a tourist magazine.

This app is extremely easy to use allowing you to find anything you could need with just a few taps of the finger.  If you're looking for a great hotel, for example, just tap the hotel button and it will bring up a full list of every hotel in the Vegas area.  The hotels are listed alphabetically and include information such as whether it is on the main strip, off strip or somewhere else.  Tapping on a hotel you're interested in will bring you right to an overview page with lots of details about that hotel.

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You can find a map to the hotel, get directions, go to their website or even book a stay all right from the page.  It includes a list of all the attractions that hotel has to offer and all the different dining options available within the hotel.  Even the night clubs and different shows are listed on this page.  By clicking on any of the restaurants, shows or attractions you'll get even more information including a description of it. 

Each section contains a significant amount of detail on a variety of different things in the Vegas area.  Many people who have gone to Vegas in the past talk about how much they love the city because there is so much to do.  While this is great, it can also cause problem because it is hard to pick out which things you want to see because it would be virtually impossible to see them all in one trip.  With the TravelVegas app you can quickly plan every aspect of your trip so you know exactly what you'll be doing so you don't miss a thing.

The app was clearly designed by professionals who not only know how to make beautiful and easy to use apps but are also experts in all things about Las Vegas.  This app will truly make your stay in the Vegas area much more fun and exciting.  Anyone who is even considering a trip to the area should definitely pick up this app to help them plan everything out.  

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