Tracks app review for iPhone

At first glance many people might think that Tracks is just another social media tool for their smart phone.  If, however, you give it a chance and launch this impressive app you’ll quickly see that it is much more than that.  To start with, this app was clearly developed by professionals who know not only how to program a mobile app but also how to make sure it looks and functions flawlessly. 

The app allows users to store and share all sorts of things with exactly who they want to.  This includes anything from music to documents to photos and videos.  You can use the easy to understand settings to make sure you’re only allowing your friends to see a specific item, or you can share it with everyone. 

The look and feel of the app is extremely clean and easy to navigate.  It uses the very common panels layout to ensure everything is easy to read and flip through all your different ‘tracks’.  Each account added to the app is called a track which is where the name of the app comes from.   The color scheme is extremely simple using a lot of white and contrasting colors to ensure everything is easy to read and see throughout the app.

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While this app is full of features, the most common and fun tool in the app is the camera.  Simply pressing the camera button brings up the option to take pictures.  From that screen you can see what your camera sees, but you can also add some photo editing and enhancements before you even take the picture.  This will help ensure you know exactly what the end result will be when you take a picture.

There are dozens of different options you can use to customize your pictures with just the tap or swipe of your finger.  Altering the image to appear like a pencil drawing, for example, takes just a couple swipes.  Trying out all the different formats for your photos takes just a few seconds of looking through them so you can decide the exact look and feel you want that particular picture to have.  Once you’ve made your decision just tap the camera button to snap the picture.

Of course, once you’ve got the picture taken you can share it with friends or family quickly and easily by posting it to your social media feed.  The same is true with any videos you take using the app making this the perfect way to take and share pictures and videos no matter where you go. 

The tracks app is definitely worth downloading and giving a try.  If you can get your friends to try it as well it will quickly become one of the most fun ways to share all sorts of things between friends and family.  The tracks community has been growing rapidly for months and is showing no sign of slowing down.  The excellent look and feel of this app is making it one of the most popular apps on the market today.

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