Tower Raiders 2 Gold is Addicting at Best

Tower Raiders 2 Gold is a standard tower building app that adds a few different twists.  The overall goal is to protect the crystals from enemies that try to follow the trail directly to them.  Your army has a variety of different defensive weapons that can be purchased to kill any threat that travels down this path.  However, there are additional features and weapons that can be unlocked as you continue through the game. 

To start; when you initially get onto the main menu, you can either “Play Now” or choose from “Options”.  The options allows you to configure the sound, recycling settings for new games, and a chance to access the forums where other players are discussing issues and concerns.  This is very helpful when trying to win. 

Once you click on “Play Now”; you are taken to a tutorial that sets your army up for the rest of the game.  This is where you'll be brought to the main screen that shows the blue crystals in the middle of an elongated path.  The gray squares located next to this road are meant for building your weapons as protection.  When the tutorial begins; the instructions will appear on the bottom of the screen providing step-by-step directions on how to play and build.  A recommendation to the developer would be to make these instructions bigger; they can be unnoticed and some vital information can be lost.

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The game will direct you to your first square and upon clicking on it; you will be opted to purchase a weapon.  The only one available is the Mini Gun and once you click on it; you will see a small green gun appear along with a green circle.  At this point; you begin to watch and see what this weapon can do when small enemies begin to start their travel.  If they get within that green circle; they will be shot at by the gun.

The more that you shoot will increase your money and once you have enough; you can either upgrade the gun into a stronger weapon or choose another square to build.  As you play; you'll notice the small effect that this mini gun offers when a large amount of enemies begin to appear.  This is why it's important to click on other squares, build with different weaponry, and watch your masterpiece work.

Each offered weapon has a different effect than the others.  For example; the cannon will instantly blow up an enemy while the laser instantly sucks their life force to nothing.  You'll notice the green circles begin to disappear, but can be activated one at time by clicking on it.  This is how the game keeps you involved with defending the crystals while you watch each enemy be attacked by your defensive skills. 

Once a level is completed; you will be given more obstacles to conquer.  At times, the game can be full of enemies which will keep your senses on point.  To pause the game; the button located on the very top left corner will instantly give you a break from enemies.  But, be prepared to get back in the game once you click “play” again. 

Tower Raiders 2 Gold is a very active game that gives levels, accomplishments, and goals to achieve in order to win.  The graphics are minimal at best, but the concept is clearly addictive.  This game will teach as you play making it very easy to accomplish a level before given more of a difficult challenge.  Regardless, it's worth the buy if you enjoy tower building games.  

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