Toppin'Wiper App Review

In this fun game you hold the job of “Toppin' Wiper” at a donuts shop.  Your job, which may seem simple at first, is to keep the shop walls clean.  It becomes more difficult, however, when you find that any time people don't like the donuts they purchase they throw it at the wall of the shop!  This happens a surprising amount, so you'll have to clean fast in order to keep those walls clean!

During the game play you need to wipe the walls clean as quickly as possible after a mess is made from someone throwing donuts.  Cleaning the wall is done by swiping your finger across the area where the donuts hit the wall.  If you don't clean it quickly enough the donuts will stain the wall and you'll loose a star.  When you lose all your stars you lose and will have to start over.  

Like most games, this one starts off fairly easy but as time progresses there are more and more donuts being thrown at the wall and keeping it clean gets more difficult.  In addition to the donuts there are 'milk bubbles' which float up from the bottom and need to be popped to ensure they don't make a bigger mess.  If you pop them, however, you may get a bonus such as an extra star.  Cleaning multiple donuts at the same time, or cleaning several of the same type of donuts will also help get you extra bonuses to help you keep the wall clean.

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This game comes with two ways to play the game; the first is an endless mode where you keep playing until you run out of stars.  The second game you only have 60 seconds to clean as many donuts as possible from the wall.  During the timed mode you can earn more time by popping bubbles while you clean which will add additional seconds to the clock.  Both game play modes are fun and present different challenges to the player which will help them enjoy the game even more.

The graphics and music of the game are very well done.  Everything about the game was clearly done very professionally as it loads smoothly and plays well without any crashes or errors.  This game is definitely worth picking up if you like fun and challenging skill based games like this.

This is a great game for people looking to kill some time, but don't want to play an overly difficult or complex game.  It's also excellent for younger or less experienced gamers because it is quite easy to pick up and learn in just a few seconds.  You can then grab and play the game any time and have a little fun.  Whether you are looking to play for a few seconds or a longer period of time, this game is fun enough to keep you coming back for more. 

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