Tarelcus App Review

When people are looking for a game; there are times that they want something that is challenging, but easy to figure out.  Tarelcus offers exactly that; a concept based on original games from decades ago.  However, because times have changed; the graphics and music are clearly up-to-date with some new surprises on every level.  It's a constantly changing game!

So, how do you play?  This app is pretty user-friendly which is evident on the main page.  You can either “play” or check your “scores”; but that's about it.  At first, you begin to wonder how much effort the developer truly applied.  However, once you click on play; you are taken to a page of levels and from there you can see its success.  Only the first five are unlocked, but you can purchase the remaining fifteen for $.99.  For those looking for another way; you can easily advertise the game through your social networks to achieve points to unlock levels as well. 

But, for those that are ready to play; you can click on level one and begin your journey.  The app is compatible with the iPhone and iPad; but is much easier to control on the phone because of size.  The goal is to tilt your device to control the movements of a nuclear ball and direct it into the hole.  Of course, there are mazes and electrical borders on the sides of the walls to worry about.  Touching one of these colorful beams will instantly end the game; so it's best to avoid them. 

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And as the levels increase; so does the difficulty which makes this game addicting!  Even though the graphics offer a purple base; each level provides an array of neon colors for all of the acting pawns.  Sometimes the electrical beams will be green, neon pink, or even blue while the moving nucleus exhibits all of the colors.  It's one of the things that keep the user entertained throughout the game.  Plus, you'll begin to guess which colors and maze will be displayed next! 

And for those that may think it's easy because of similar games; you have to try it to see the difference.  It takes a few attempts to accomplish certain levels which are why it's hard to put down.   Besides; it's basic enough to play leisurely and allows you to share your success with other players.  After every level, there is an option to share via your social networks and convince others to beat your score. 

The graphics itself are pretty cool along with the futuristic and motivating soundtrack.  It's pretty obvious that the developers put forth an extreme effort in preserving the optical effects that these devices offer.  In other words; they took major advantage with Tarelcus' overall design and clearly entices others to play because of it.  The challenging aspect along with the simplicity of the game is what grasps players.  So, if you're looking for a basic game to play without the extra gimmicks; Tarelcus provides just that and more.  

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