TapStartUp App Review

Tap Start Up is a fun game which will require your fastest reflexes and time management skills to complete.  As the manager of a new company you’ll have to guide your business through all the different challenges it will face in order to expand and grow to the point where you are a millionaire.  Growing your business requires you to stay on top of a variety of different tasks from keeping the employees working to managing the office environment. 

When you’re going through the game you have to start off by making your employees work hard, and stay happy.  If they become lazy and try to sneak away from their desk it is your job to make them get back to work.  Just be careful though, if you’re too hard on the employees they may just do something drastic and hurt your business badly.  Like managing in real life, this is a balancing act between allowing your employees to be happy and keeping them focused on the tasks at hand.

You can play in traditional mode, or survival mode to move up the charts in the game center and become the biggest and most successful business in the world.  You’ll find that this game is quite challenging, but also very rewarding.  With hard work and dedication you can grow your business to the point where you can retire a wealthy CEO.

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Just remember, the road is very difficult to getting to that point so you’ll have to work hard.  The progression from a dirty old office area to a beautiful area with a corner office will take some time and energy, but if you can find the right balance in all that you do you’ll be able to make a success of yourself. 

The game was created in a fun and entertaining way.  The graphics throughout the game are fairly simple, yet they fit the game play quite well.  The employees you have working for you are very generic looking, all dressed the same and having very limited movements and activities.  That actually adds a little bit of humor to the game because of the common idea that people working in office environments like this sometimes feel like drones. 

The sound effects of the game add additional comedic relief and fit the game quite well.  Playing through and finding out all the different activities you’ll have to complete in order to build more money and advance to the next level can be difficult but the app keeps it fun and entertaining every step of the way. 

This game is ideal for people who like time management games with quick reflexes. As your business grows you’ll have to be very quick and make good decisions on the fly in order to ensure all your employees are both happy and productive.  Children and adults of most ages will enjoy this game because of the fun layout and simple controls.  Just as you think you’ve mastered the game you’ll get to the next level, move into a new office and have a whole new set of challenges waiting for you. 

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