Taposé - Collaborative Content Creation for iPad

The Tapose app is a nice productivity app for your iPad which really brings the features from many other apps together into this one great app.  It has a collaboration feature which allows you to work with other people on a project; it allows you to use multiple different programs such as word processors, drawing apps, web pages, business cards and much more.  You can use them all to create different types of documents or files or combine them all to create multi-media presentations.  This is a great app for anyone who loves working on the go, whether it's on a bus hotel room or train this app will help you make the best use of your time no matter where you are.

The app is exclusively for the iPad because of the fact that it really needs a nice, strong platform to support all of its services.  It works very nice and smooth on my iPad 3 but I've heard it struggles a little bit on the original iPad.  I have not tried it myself, but that's what several other people have said.  That being said, the extra space on the iPad compared to phones or other mobile devices is also an absolute requirement because of how much work you can do on it.  Some things you want to do like writing notes with your finger or editing drawings really need the extra space of a tablet.

Sharing your files is surprisingly easy with Tapose, all the files are uploaded to a cloud storage area when you connect to the internet through either a WiFi connection or if you have the data packages it stays updated through 3G or 4G connections.  This allows people to easily make changes, have their partner review them or add in their ideas and keep working seamlessly even if they are working hundreds of miles from each other.

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Of course, there is nothing new about sharing documents through the cloud anymore, but this app has really made it quick and easy to do without any difficulties.  Their interface is very intuitive so it is easy to figure out for even people who are not IT experts.

Another great thing about Tapose is that they clearly took the time to have everything created by high quality professionals.  The images used and graphics are all very nice, the fonts were well chosen to be easy to read, even while on the move.  Finding and editing different files is as easy as it could be on any device with everything being right where it seems it should be.

Taking pictures and putting them in to different documents is a little bit harder than it should be with it not always working.  I believe this is a minor bug in the app which will undoubtedly be fixed with future updates, and if you are patient and willing to play with it a little bit you will be able to get it done so it is a very minor issue in my opinion.  

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