SudokuPDQ for iPad

Alongside crossword puzzles, the game that is a family favorite in any local newspaper is Sudoku. The ultimate passer of extra time, Sudoku has long been a way for people to keep their minds stimulated. Now, with SudokuPDQ, you can take Sudoku anywhere with you, as long as you have your mobile device on hand. However, the developers of this game have taken Sudoku to another level, allowing users to do things with the game that can’t be found in any old newspaper. Although its graphics aren’t particularly flashy, SudokuPDQ captures all that it needs to in regard to the game of Sudoku.

I’m sure to most, Sudoku is a very familiar game, and requires little explanation by now, even though the game can get very difficult. However, there is a lot more to SudokuPDQ than simply filling out the 9x9 grid. With such features as practice mode, multiplayer Sudoku, fast play, and help tips, the game has clearly evolved in this app. With SudokuPDQ, it’s almost as if you’re playing for bets, with a high level of competition and adrenaline, unlike the way Sudoku has really ever been played before. Sudoku has always been a game of assessment, and with SudokuPDQ it’s become a game of competition and skill. The only way to win is to beat the clock and the competitors.

The display isn’t exceptionally exciting, with mostly text and shades of red. However, when has anyone ever gone into a game of Sudoku looking for incredible artwork? The mechanics and display of the game achieve everything they need to, and keep instructions and wording clear for the user. There are no illustrations to confuse the eye, which is important because Sudoku takes a lot of concentration. The graphics and display are simple and effective, making for easy reading and understanding.

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So, whether you’re in the mood to challenge yourself to mind boggling Sudoku puzzles or to compete with others and see who is quickest, this app can bring you what you’re looking for. With a simple, not-so-flashy design, the game of Sudoku is given more life than it’s ever had and is taken in directions far from its origins. It’s still the game we’ve come to love, but the competitive twist is this app’s best attribute. This app gives some of the most innovative ways to play the mathematic game that coincidentally involves no real math.

It’s obvious that this app isn’t suited for children, nor is the game of Sudoku overall really. It takes a quick judgement and a fast eye, passing the time until your big meeting or until the train stops at your stop. It brings a new casino game into your fingertips, with virtual money but real competition. For those who have been doing Sudoku for a long time, this app will bring a big change, allowing you to challenge yourself further. Winning a competition of Sudoku in SudokuPDQ will show off your brain’s skill, and even earn you a nice chunk of virtual change. 

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