SoulMate App Review for iPhone

The SoulMate app is a great app for just about anyone who is sick of having to use all different apps and other communications methods to get in touch with their friends, family or significant other.  This app combines the features of things like text messaging, phone calls, email's and much more as well.  It makes it very quick and easy to get in contact with anyone. 

The app is very easy to use and has a lot of great options which are all available to browse through right from the front panel.  There are 15 different choices to use on the front page beginning with making calls.  Rather than using the default phone call system on your phone this one allows you to organize your contacts in a much easier way which makes it a lot easier to get right to the person you want.

The next option is the messaging option which is similar to either a regular chat program or texting.  It's got some added features which are not available by default on most phones which makes this a great way to chat with anyone you'd like.  E-Mailing right from this app is available as well making this app really the best place to come for any type of communication you want to make with your friends or lovers.

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In fact, this app really has improved options for just about everything your phone can do including a great camera and photo album.  There is a second photo album titled “love album” for those pictures of you and you're significant other (or someone you wish was your significant other).  This is a great place to store all your pictures so they are all quick and easy to access anytime you want to see them.  They are easy to organize into the right order as well which makes it easy to find the image you're looking for. 

The app also has a calendar section, an option to find your soul mate based on your contacts, a diary a memo, a store and much more.  This app could be thought of as a replacement operating system for your mobile phone since it has virtually all the features which phones do by default, but all with some sort of improvements.  Each area of this app is designed to not only replace the default versions which come on most phones but also make them either easier to use or more useful in some way.

The only real downside to this app which I saw was the graphics are a little bit childish looking.  While this does not do anything to reduce the great functionality of the app, it does make it a little bit weird to use, especially in public.  The app looks like it is made for a 13 year old girl rather than to be used by people of all ages who are looking to find an easy way to to improve the functionality of virtually everything their phone can do for them. 

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