SketchStorm for iPad

Artists, designers, planners, writers, creative entrepreneurs! You know this feeling: you’re at the grocery store in the produce section when suddenly a brilliant idea hits you!  You’ve come up with “it” the one big idea that is going to change everything. But, all you have is your grocery list and maybe a pen if you’re lucky.  You have to get a sketch down fast while you’re inspired.  You have to write this idea down now.  Well, you always have your smart phone or other mobile device with you, and finally it can help you in perfect way with your perfect ideas!  SketchStorm is an app that helps with brainstorming and capturing inspired ideas.  This is a simple yet complete way to get ideas down so your brain can keep moving, and you don’t forget the original plan or any detail.  Write your inspirational quote, draw the perfect design, and sketch the drawing you’ll complete later. Save your ideas!

This app is perfect for anyone who needs to capture brilliant ideas for their work or play at any moment. Who knows when you’ll be inspired?  It is particularly useful for architects or interior designers who might be out and about and see something that would be perfect for the project they’re working on.  It is great for artists who see art all over and any time, but need a way to capture it until they can get back to the studio and add more details.  It is perfect for creative writers who don’t want to forget a thought they’ll need next time they sit down to type at their computer.  It is simple enough for all ages, and can even be a great tool for children who are aspiring artists. 

SketchStorm is perfect because it is fast, open the app and start using instantly!  It includes a unique Retro Designer Color Palette, all that you need, but not too much.  It allows you to snap photos of your design at any time so you can remember what it looked like as it progressed.  The app allows for manipulating images from the photo album so you can have different variations on the same inspired idea, and decide which is best later.  There is even a Map with GPS function so that you can mark where you were at the moment of inspiration!  You can undo, in case of mistakes in your frenzy to get down your amazing idea!  SketchStorm has a grid outline, or it can be removed for easy organization.  The app allows for exporting the screen to JPG image files or to PDF files for your convenience.  Of course, SketchStorm allows you to share your design or image on Facebook easily so you can see what your friends and colleagues think of your newest idea. 

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This app is a must have for any professional who uses their creativity for their job, and requires an easy and instant tool for capturing ideas anytime, anywhere!  Don’t miss out on your next big idea!

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