Simply Write for iPad

The iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices are truly amazing pieces of hardware, but many people wonder why it is not possible to easily write yourself notes without using the tiny on-screen keyboard.  Fortunately, this problem is now solved by using the Simply Write app which allows users to quickly and easily take notes using either a stylus pen or their finger to jot things down. 

In the past there have been apps which allowed this but they required you to learn a complex set of motions to represent different letters, or they made it almost impossible to use.  The whole point of simply write is to make the task of writing notes to yourself much quicker and easier, and it certainly accomplishes this very well. 

Within the app you can store a limitless number of notes which can each be as long as you'd like.  This is perfect for anything from making a quick reminder or jotting down a phone number before you forget it, or even writing down your thoughts while you're on the go.  For those who like the sensation of actually writing something out rather than typing it, this is perfect for that as well.   Any reason you could come up with for wanting to be able to write on your mobile device, you'll now have that ability!

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When taking a note you'll have multiple lines which are tall enough to make taking notes very easy.  As you write these notes they can then be shrunk down to a size which makes them easy to read, yet small enough to fit all your thoughts onto one screen.  In addition, you can zoom in on any line you want if you need to edit it or make the text bigger for quick and easy reading.

If you're taking a note about something private, you can add a password to keep it entirely confidential so nobody else can read it.  There are many other great features to this writing app including allowing you to format a heading or other important text with a simple tap, export the note to dropbox or email to send it to yourself or someone else, and even in-app printing to a local printer using Air Print.  The developers of this app clearly did their research about what types of features users would want in a writing app like this because they are all there and very simple to use.

This app is perfect for anyone who loves using their mobile device to take notes, but doesn't like having to type everything out using the on screen keyboard.  It could also be a great app for children who are learning to write.  They can practice using the stylus and not go through reams of paper while figuring out how to make each letter.  No matter the age or what interests they have in writing, this app will allow anyone to be able to quickly and accurately take notes just like writing with a pen and paper, but with the convenience of your mobile device. 

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