ReplayerHD for iPad

Replayer HD is an extremely useful app available for the iPad which allows you to play videos in a wide range of formats which are not available by default on the iPad.  It has a number of other great features as well which make this versatile app extremely useful for anyone who uses their tablet to watch movies, video clips or even for listening to audio. 

The main feature for most people will be the fact that it lets you watch your videos and listen to audio in a ton of different formats.  The default video format for the iPad is MP4, but for many people who get movies on the internet from sources other than iTunes that is not the format they come in.  This then requires them to convert the files to MP4 which is a lengthy and time consuming process.  With Replayer HD you can just move the video file onto your iPad and watch it in almost any format you can imagine. 

This app provides the ability to play over 15 additional video formats and 7 audio formats which are not available by default on the iPad.  As if that weren't enough to make this an extremely valuable app, it also provides a lot of additional features to make watching video and listening to audio much better.

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With Replayer HD you can use the section repeating function to play a portion of a larger video over and over again.  This is great for doing things such as transcribing audio or trying to learn something difficult from an educational video.  There are many other uses for this and it can be done in both the video and audio playback sections of the app. 

Replayer HD also allows you to turn on Closed Captions when supported in video and audio files so you can read the text of what is being said on the screen.  This is great for watching videos or listening to any audio file somewhere that there are lots of distractions making it hard to hear.  It's also great when you are having a hard time understanding what people in the video are saying.  It's even possible to have multiple closed captions going at the same time which is useful for people trying to learn other languages and things of that nature.  The font and color of the captions are adjustable so you can have your videos and audio look just how you want them.

Finally, the app comes with a ton of different options for playing audio and video that are easy to use and play with.  You can play either music or videos even while you're device is locked which is quite nice.  You can also use simple hand gestures to control things like fast forwarding and rewinding any song or movie. 

With all these incredibly useful features it is hard to believe that this app is free.  Everyone should get this app as soon as possible before the developers realize how much value they are providing and start charging for it!

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