Puxxles App Review

PuXXles is a new and interesting way to communicate with other people and play a game at the same time.  With this app you can create pictures, jokes, stories, music or just about anything else, and then encrypt it as a puzzle or riddle.  When you send the message the only way they can open it up and see or hear it is to solve the riddle or puzzle.  This adds a little bit of excitement and fun to a regular conversation. 

The app was very well made giving people a lot of different options on what they can send and how it is hidden.  A wide range of riddles and puzzles are available to keep the app interesting for a long time.  You can send these puzzles to just the person you want, or share them with the world and see if anyone can solve them.  This is a fun way to share pictures you took from your area with people around the world.  You can learn interesting things about different places and cultures, and share the information in a fun and exciting way.

This app comes with detailed privacy settings which allow you to share your puzzles and riddles with only the people you want to.  You can set each item to be either public to everyone, only for one specific person, just for a set group or just about anything else you can think of.  When you get items from other people you can keep them private or share them as well making this a fun way to communicate with just about anyone.

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You'll find that this app is very simple to use and surprisingly intuitive for such a complex app.  You'll quickly be sharing messages, pictures and audio files with your friends or the entire world.  There is plenty of flexibility in the app to allow you to do just about whatever you want at any time.  The graphics and sounds are all nice and make the app easy to use. 

People of any age will enjoy this app.  Young kids will love making their own puzzles and riddles for their friends or parents.  Older kids will have fun sending funny pictures or sounds to each other.  Of course, adults will be able to find their own uses for this app as well making it appealing to a wide range of people. 

While this is a fun app to play with, it is not really a game since you're going to be waiting for people to send you puzzles, or sending them to your friends.  Most of the puzzles and riddles are easy enough so that they are not frustrating to most people, yet challenging enough to keep it entertaining.  They really did a good job at balancing this app out so it doesn't become annoying to the users. 

No matter what types of things you're interested in sharing with other people, this app makes it far more interesting and fun than just sending off a boring picture or text message.  Give it a try, you'll enjoy it!

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