PrintJinni review for iPhone and iPad

PrintJinny is an app which will make it possible for you to print just about anything from your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch device.  The concept seems quite simple but it actually helps to get around a lot of limitations associated with these mobile devices.  More and more people are browsing the internet, looking at photos and even working from their mobile device and if they can’t print from them it is quite an inconvenience. 

PrintJinni allows you to print everything from your email, Microsoft Office documents (including word and excel), PDF files, pictures from either websites or those which you’ve taken yourself, and even web pages.  The process for printing things really couldn’t be easier as the app allows you to print right from the other areas of your device.  If, for example, you find a web page which is interesting and you want to print it off, you don’t have to copy and paste it or email it or anything.  You simply print it right from that page using the built in PrintJinni system.

Adding printers is quick and easy as well, using the wireless connection to get onto the network where the printer is located.  There are dozens of types of printers available to choose from which will work flawlessly in this app. You can even print to printers attached to either PCs or macs, which makes this one of the most versatile printer apps available today.

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When printing pictures the app allows you to crop out parts of the picture which you don’t like and move it around to ensure you gets the perfect picture every time. This is a great way to get those pictures from your mobile device onto pictures so you can give them to friends or hang them on walls.  The quality of the photos will be perfect as they are sent to the printer in the full resolution they were taken in so there is no loss of quality.

Another great thing this app can do is print from your existing cloud storage.  If, for example, you use drop box to store any type of document or pictures you can access the documents from anywhere that has an internet connection and print them off.  This makes working from your mobile device easier than ever before.  You can access any type of document from virtually anywhere you go and print them in excellent quality every time. 

The list of features of this app is really extensive and it was clearly designed by professionals to solve any shortcomings of your mobile device when it comes to printing.  It truly gives you the ability to use your mobile device just like you would a full computer when it comes to printing off your documents.  You can try this app for free for 30 days without restrictions.  If you like it and want to keep the full functionality it is under $5 per year so it is extremely affordable for anyone who wants to add the ability to print from their mobile devices. 

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