Pocket Monkey App Review for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad

Pocket monkey is a new side scrolling action adventure game where you control a monkey as he travels through a forest.  Throughout the game he has to collect bananas, which you can use to throw at enemies.  You also collect a variety of other items in each level, some are there to help improve your rating for completing a level and others will help you complete the level directly. 

The controls in the game are quite simple to learn with two motion buttons on the bottom left corner to make the monkey go forward and backwards.  Then on the bottom right corner is the jump and throw button.  The throw button will use your weapon, which starts out as bananas and then progresses to other items like a sling shot as you play through the levels.

This action adventure game has also incorporated the popular leveling system where after each short level you get a rating of 1, 2 or 3 stars.  This adds an extra dimension to the game where you can not only focus on beating each level but also achieving the three star rating for each one as well. 

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The game play is a little bit slow for an adult or experienced gamer.  It does, however, make it much better for younger players since they can move through the levels at their own pace without too much trouble.  Many of the levels are quite simple to get through with three stars, others are complex and difficult. 

The game allows you to go through it either in the summer or winter mode, which adds additional enjoyment to the game.  The levels are similar but there is enough difference in these two modes to keep it fun. 

The storyline of the game is fairly simple.  You start out as a monkey that got captured by poachers and you escape and are trying to find your way home.  While there are bits of story throughout, it is not the main attraction to this game.  The makers of this game did do a good job at keeping the levels getting progressively harder and harder as you get further into the game. 

While controlling the monkey is not difficult, it is somewhat awkward at first because jumping and moving at the same time just did not feel right to me.  Once you've played it for a few minutes, however, you catch on and won't have any trouble with it.  Jumping is, of course, very important in this game and is used to help advance through the levels and avoid pits and other bad guys.

While this is not the most complex game on the app store, it is still quite enjoyable.  The free version will provide countless hours of fun and entertainment.  Those who want more can unlock additional features with the paid version which is well worth the money.  While fun for just about anyone, this game was clearly designed for younger players and they will undoubtedly have a lot of fun playing it. 

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