Plingi Juggle Game Review

Plingi Juggle is a great arcade style game which will keep you entertained by challenging you to keep beating your high score, or that of your friends.  In the game you control two plingi spiders which carry a net between them.  A third spider is up in a fruit tree knocking berries down to you, and you are responsible for moving the two spiders on the ground under the fruit.  As the fruit drops you need to have it hit your net where it will bounce off to the right and into your basket. 

The berries continue to drop at a faster and faster rate until you miss three of them, causing the game to be over.  The object of the game is to simply beat your high score and get more and more berries saved.  Using the Game Center you can compete against friends or other players around the world to try to get the highest score.  In addition to simply going for the highest score in one round, you can also attempt to get the most berries caught in a row without any dropping. 

The game is very simple to learn, and the controls are extremely intuitive so most people will be able to be able to pick it up and understand what to do almost immediately.  This makes it a great game for anyone who is looking for a good time, but doesn't want to have to figure out a complex set of instructions or commands.  You can pick this game up and play it for a few minutes, or a few hours and due to the fact that you're constantly challenging yourself to get a higher score, it remains fun no matter how long you play.

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The graphics in this game are well designed and look great.  The developers clearly took their time to ensure the moving berries and spiders fit in well with the background images because everything moves very smoothly and easily while playing the game.  The sound effects and music is also top notch and fit in well with this fun game.  The game loads up quickly and runs without crashing or having any other bugs which illustrate the fact that it is extremely well made and well worth giving a try. 

If you like to challenge yourself, or compete against friends you'll really enjoy this game.  It's also a great option for younger or more casual gamers who are just looking to have some fun but don't want to have to spend hours every day in order to compete or even figure out the full game play.  This is a fun casual arcade style game which will keep you having fun for hours.  Whether you want to just pick it up while riding on a bus, train or in between meetings, or you are someone who likes to sit down and concentrate on beating your high score for an hour or two, this game is perfect for you.  

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