PicIT24 - Excellent combo of Photography & Social Media

If you're one of those people who love sharing your status updates and photos with your friends and family, but you're worried that you're spending too much time on social media and not enough time actually living your life, PicIT24 is the perfect app for you.  This app helps you manage the amount of time you spend posting pictures and updates by limiting you to just one post per day and one picture per day. 

While this might seem like not enough at first, most people who use it find that when they know they are limited by the app, they only want to post the most important things each day.  This is a great way to keep your friends and family updated with all that you're doing, without wasting your and their time with unnecessary updates.  You'll appreciate all the extra time you get back throughout your day since you're no longer posting about every little thing that happens to you.

Another advantage of using this app is that since you're only posting the most important things each day, you can easily look back over the past weeks, months or years and see instantly what you were doing that day.  It is like a quick journal entry each day to bring back memories each time you look through your previous posts and pictures. 

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As more and more of your friends and family start using this app, you can start organizing their posts into different groups so you can quickly see their updates when you want to.  You'll appreciate the fact that every time you pull up the app you'll only have to see the most important posts from each person you're friends with. 

The app will also remind you to post an update each day if you're nearing the end of the 24 hour posting time limit.  This is great for helping people remember to post each day if they are not already in the habit of it.  It's a great way to ease into using social media to keep in touch with loved ones.

PicIT24 is designed very well which makes it very simple to make your posts.  You can apply filters to your pictures to adjust how they look and give them that perfect look you're looking for.  You can also post pictures from your mobile device's photo album or just take a new picture whenever you want.  This app is very flexible and really makes everything about your social media much easier.

The app is perfect both for people who feel that they are spending too much time on social media sites, and those who are just trying to ease themselves into this new technology.  Posting just one picture and one status update per day is a great way to keep in touch without becoming obsessed with it like so many people today are.  The simple to use layout and fast response time makes this app nice for people of any age. 

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