PicFlick for iPad App Review

The PicFlick app is a photo management app which is designed to help people organize and share pictures and other images on their iPad, iPad 2 and iPad 3 devices.  This app allows users access to dozens of great features which are not supported by default on these devices.  These features will make it much easier to store your pictures in a way that is far easier and more intuitive. 

You can also edit your photos quickly and easily from within the app.  This includes functions such as cropping the images, centering the image how you’d like, re-size the picture, rotate it and much more.  While the app does not allow full editing like photo shop or something similar, it can handle the majority of what most people want to do to their pictures.

The Picflick app is the easiest way I’ve seen to find pictures and images that you might want.  You can browse through the pictures from your friends or family all from within this app.  Whether they store the pictures on Facebook, Flicker, Picasa or other picture storage locations, you can browse through them and keep your favorites right on your device.

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Sharing images is just as easy as finding them with this great app.  You can make all your pictures, whether they were taken on your iPad device or not, available to your friends and family to view and share.  You can put them right onto your Facebook account with just a couple taps of the screen which is one of the most popular ways to share your photos.  You can also share them on DropBox and other file sharing apps to make it extremely simple to share a mass amount of pictures all at once. 

One last method of sharing your photos is through local ‘person to person’ sharing through Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connections.  You can make your pictures available and have them transferred to a compatible device of anyone you know.  This is a fun way to share pictures quickly and easily with people you know.

While finding and sharing pictures is the most popular thing about this app, it has a lot more to it than just that.  Organizing your images is very simple on this app and it makes it so you can always find the exact photo you’re looking for in seconds.  They have developed a great color coded tagging system which makes it virtually impossible to lose track of where your photos are stored.  It’s simple to use and implement on all new or existing pictures on your device.

It is no surprise that this great app, developed by Intersog, is of excellent quality.  They have been making professional quality apps for quite some time.  They have clearly put a lot of effort not only into making the app look great, but making it simple to use as well.  It takes only a few minutes to learn the different functions of the app and you’ll have your images organized and ready to share in no time.

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