Phoenix Bird App Review

This app ushers in an entirely new standard for gaming apps in the future. Designed for the iPad and iPhone in particular, Phoenix Bird is a 3D masterpiece. It is unlike any app I have seen to date, and I was in love the minute I touched the icon. It has an incredibly addictive gameplay coupled with an incredible view of the world. Anytime you find yourself waiting in a waiting room or have some time to kill on the bus, playing this new game will take you on a beautifully creative and colorful adventure that will make time fly. It is absolutely incredible what developer Imagination Apps has done with such a simple concept.

The game itself involves controlling the mythical and mystical creature known as a Phoenix. Though the creature is known to burst into flames, the developer has taken a slightly different approach in their design and created an image of the Phoenix like no other. With cool blue and radiant yellow in the bird’s feathers, it is truly a creative adaptation. By controlling the Phoenix, you are taken to some of the world’s most famous and beautiful places. The locations include the Taj Mahal in India, Westminster Palace in England, the Coliseum in Italy, the famous Sydney Opera House, the Statue of Liberty and more. The object is to collect as many gems as you can, maneuvering through gates and obtaining boosts along the way.

The game includes 7 worlds with 10 levels each, keeping you occupied for quite some time. If you are looking for an addicting game that will constantly challenge you, then Phoenix Bird was made for you. However, there is another feature that may sweeten the deal for you a bit. When you download the game, the bird you use is yours and yours alone. Your Phoenix can be personalized and tweaked to fit your style. With your own custom bird, you will fly around the world and collect as many gems as you can.

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Phoenix Bird is a social app as well, allowing you to post your results and scores to Facebook or Twitter. Your friends who use the app as well can see your scores and use their bird to compete with them. Unlike many other games, though, the posting is not automatic, so if you want to keep the adventure to yourself it is your choice. It is a game that allows you to integrate playing with sharing, bringing your adventure into the world of social media.

Imagination Apps has done something pretty incredible with Phoenix Bird. They have brought some of the most beautiful wonders of the world into your mobile device, while allowing you to control a gorgeous mythical creature. With outstanding 3D graphics that are not available with many of today’s apps, you are in for something quite new and interesting with Phoenix Bird. The game is fun, can be enjoyed by everyone, is creative and innovative, and never gets old. Even better than all of that though is that it is absolutely free!

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