Pashadelic App Review

If you're a photographer who loves finding new and beautiful locations for a photo shoot, this is the perfect app for you.  Pashadelic is a crowd sourcing app where people can post pictures they have taken with GPS location attached.  With this information you can visit the same area to take photos of the same scenery.  There are over 20,000 existing photo locations already in the app, and it's growing all the time. 

As more and more people begin to use this fascinating app the database of different locations to take pictures will only grow and expand.  When you first sit down with this app you'll likely start by browsing through all the different user submitted photos.  There are some truly incredible images you can find just looking through the app. 

When you find an image that you're interested in you can tap it to find out exactly where it was taken.  That's not just the general city or area that it was taken, but the exact location based on the GPS marking on the image.  This is a perfect way to either find new and exciting places to take pictures in your area, or to plan a trip around different photo opportunities. 

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If you're in an area which you're not familiar with you can use the intelligent search options within the app.  This will allow you to browse through pictures which were taken within a set distance from where you're standing.  You can look through all the different photos and then tap the option to map the location.  The app will then tell you exactly how to get to the exact spot where that photo was taken.  This is an excellent way to find all the different scenic locations in areas around you.  You'll undoubtedly be surprised at all the hidden gems located near you, and you can share some of your own as well.

When you're ready to take pictures, Pashadelic has a built in camera that comes with 12 great filters.  This will allow you to take some truly impressive photos and share them quickly with the rest of the community.  This is fun since you'll be able to know that others will now be able to enjoy your photo, and even come and visit the same spot to take pictures themselves. 

In addition to these impressive features, you can also share your pictures quickly and easily on Twitter and Facebook as well as to the rest of the Pashadelic community.  People within the app community can then like and share your photos with more and more people.

This app is quite easy to use, but it is designed with experienced photographers in mind.  Kids might have trouble figuring it out at first, but with the intuitive set up and controls you'll likely have no trouble at all.  Whether you're just looking to relax and enjoy browsing the pictures, or you want to plan out a photo vacation, it's all at your finger tips with Pashadelic. 

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