Panda Sweet Tooth Full for iPhone

The Panda Sweet Tooth Full app is a fun game where you control a panda that goes through levels collecting different foods.  There are several different worlds where the panda needs to collect different types of foods beginning with strawberries.  Each world is broken up into several different levels.  If you’re able to complete a level successfully and collect enough of the food you’re looking for you’ll get three stars.  If you complete it without dying but miss too many items you’ll get two or one stars.

As you continue through the levels there are additional hazards added into the game.  The first level, for example, you are just jumping and running to collect strawberries.  As you move into the second level there are enemies that need to be avoided by jumping over them.  Additional foods are added in as well that can either be good for you or bad.  Mushrooms are good for you while bamboo is only good if you don’t eat too much of it.  Too much bamboo will make you get fat and slow down.  Eventually you’ll lose the ability to jump which means almost certain death.

The game is well designed and the controls are extremely easy to use.  Each time a new enemy, food or move is introduced into the game it will pop up to show you what it is and how you should respond to it.  That could be eating it, jumping over it or any number of other moves.  All the moves are easy to learn and remember so you can use them throughout the game.

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The game was clearly designed for younger gamers, but anyone can enjoy this fun app for a while.  The difficulty progression was done well so it keeps getting more and more advanced as you progress through the levels.  In addition, Panda Sweet Tooth Full has done a good job making it so you don’t die after making a single mistake.  This will help make it a lot more fun for the younger and less experienced gamers that will enjoy this game most.

Despite being made for younger players, the look and quality of the game is still top notch.  The graphics are simple but still look great.  The music and sound effects are great and actually add a lot to the game.  The noises that the panda or other characters make while playing are cute and funny and both kids and adults will love them. 

This game is well worth downloading for anyone who has children.  The game will provide them with hours of good clean fun.  It will certainly hold their attention while they play and for those who are interested it is a good way to learn how to control characters on mobile devices as well.  This game has a fun story, excellent game play and the design is superb.  Anyone interested in a fun children’s game should definitely give Panda Sweet Tooth Full a try.  They will not be disappointed in any aspect of this fun game. 

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