New York Coffee Guide App Review

If you’re a coffee lover who is living in, or planning to visit the New York area you’re going to want to download the free New York Coffee Guide.  This app was developed for and by coffee enthusiasts in the NYC area with the specific intent of finding all the best local coffee houses that brew and serve locally roasted coffees.  The app focuses only on independent coffee shops which serve coffee, though they will also review any food items that they offer as well so you know what to expect.

Unlike many apps which run only on user submitted reviews and end up turning into advertisement mediums for the shops, the reviews in this app are written and updated by expert coffee drinkers who have a passion for finding that perfect cup of Joe.  After using the app for just a few days you’ll quickly realize that there are dozens of small and out of the way coffee shops that you have never even heard of.  Even for coffee lovers, there are many hidden gems that they can discover through this app to expand their list of favorite coffee shops. 

Each shop in the database is regularly re-reviewed by the coffee experts who made this app so you can be confident that the review you read in the app is accurate and up to date.  They comment not only on the quality and selection of the coffee at each shop, but also on the dessert quality, food quality, atmosphere and service provided to customers.  This is an excellent and easy to use app for finding the perfect place for a cup of coffee.

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In addition to the reviews, you can use this app to find the closest independent coffee shop in the area using the GPS in your phone and the maps included.  You’ll be surprised at the fact that there are so many different shops listed, each with a great review, and so close to you.  This is a great way to not only find a nearby coffee shop, but also to discover new and fun places to visit.

The app is very easy to use and looks great as well.  When you open your app you can quickly choose what you want to look for, whether that is a specific coffee shop you’ve heard of or one nearby based on your current location.  You’ll find that you are quickly pulling out this app every time you want a cup of coffee so you can try a new and delicious roast from a locally owned and operated shop.  This is truly an excellent way for you to get the best coffee in New York while also supporting local business owners and fellow coffee lovers.

New York Coffee Guide is the perfect app for all New Yorkers who love drinking coffee.  Whether you’re someone who just runs in to grab a cup on the run or someone who likes to sit down and relax in the café while enjoying their coffee, this app will help you find the best places in New York for you.

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