Mx Great Britain Guide App Review

Mx Great Britain Guide is the perfect way to explore this popular vacationing spot.  There are so many different historical landmarks, famous restaurants, amazing shows, and music venues to visit; you'll be amazed at how much there is to see!  Out of all the different apps for Great Britain; this one is clearly one of the best. 

So, what can this app actually do?  First off; the menu is full of selections to choose from depending on your personal preference.  For instance, you can scan through a variety of places to eat, learn about the best places to shop, or even discover the array of National Parks that Great Britain has to offer.  But, it doesn't just stop there; you can learn about and visit a few of its infamous haunted locations, experience the local music and its history, along with many of the secrets hidden within the city.  The app is the perfect map for adventure!

For those that have yet to arrive; you can still plan your trip directly from the guide.  There are ways to look up transportation whether it's by flight, train, or local.  And when referring to hotels; there are plenty to see!  Directly from the menu; you can browse through vacant hotels based on city, learn about the establishment, and even read reviews directly from TripAdvisor.  Besides; the best way to learn about a location is by its previous tenants.  Plus, there's a way to contact them directly!

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Obviously time saving on a vacation is just as important as finding places to experience.  So, don't be surprised if you're able to contact and book your reservation directly from this Great Britain Guide.  Everything is at your fingertips when maneuvering through this app. 

Of course, learning more about the place is very important when preparing for vacation.  There are many stories provided including basic facts, traveling tips, ways to save money in Great Britain, and popular phrases by the locals.  You'll feel right at home!

The News option is a great feature that provides the current weather forecast, will separate it into cities, and even allows you to browse popular events within the area.  As with the hotel and airfare accommodations; you can book real-time shows directly from your device.  This also applies to making dinner reservations as well.  Along with the news; you are given more facts and background information about Great Britain including beach locations, the history from each town, and the fun things to visit within your area.  All of this is captured in your device which is why the Mx Great Britain Guide has received many positive reviews. 

Lastly; there is a Media station that allows you to share photos pertaining to the app with others that have visited as well.  For those that have yet to leave; you can browse through other photos to get an idea of your awaited destination.  Plus, you can learn more about the history and heritage along with watch a few inviting videos from a variety of celebrities.  They'll really have you excited for your vacation!

The app itself is very thorough and provides practically any information that you could search for regarding Great Britain.  It's perfect for those that want to visit, those who want to learn more about it, and for those that are just curious.  Regardless; it's worth the download and it's free! 

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