Multi Audiobooks Player App Review

Multi Audiobook Player has been rated as an unexpected great app in 2010.  Because there are a variety of apps geared towards the concept of media, this particular one has surprised many critics.  There are numerous features that are offered that can't be found with its competitors.  And for those that enjoy listening to audiobooks, you'll appreciate the innovative idea behind it. 

In order to successfully use the app; you'll need to download a few books to your device.  It doesn't matter where you choose to purchase them as long as they can be imported.  Being able to upload directly from the app is extremely convenient and makes it easy to access immediately.  The download time depends on your internet connection and the file size, but there doesn't seem to be any limitations to worry about. 

Once it's downloaded, you're able to begin listening right away!  However, there are additional features that make this app the newest trend.  For instance, you are able to separate by chapters while selecting certain areas of where to start and end.  Many people enjoy the option of skipping through long, winded parts of a story; so, adjusting the skip by seconds or chapters is a unique feature that gives the user complete control. 

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The functions of the keys are very user-friendly as well and large enough to spot from a distance.  In other words; nothing will stop you from hitting play when you're ready.  But, the surrounding buttons indicate time, repeat, and a simple way to start over.  Having these options at your fingertips provides a very conventional app.  As for the timing, there are ways to zoom in on the exact second, if necessary, to prevent from missing an amazing part.  Besides, everyone likes to rewind it from time to time and the easy access is appreciated. 

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But, what allows this app to stand out from the rest is the sleeping timer.  You can truly personalize it to do exactly what you need!  There is a small, button located on the main player in the shape of a lamp, which is perfect for turning out the lights.  You're able to customize the timing option, but once that button is activated; the book will pause at the end of the timer and once you've fallen asleep.  Not to worry, it picks up directly from where you left off once the app is reactivated. 

This is an app that knows when you've fallen asleep; how amazing is that!  Even better; you can actually customize the sleep timer to start over if the screen is touched or the device is shaken.  This allows Multi Audiobooks Player to know that you're still awake and listening.  It's an app that is perfect for those that love to function while listening to their books. 

As you can see, there are many unique features that the developer sincerely took into consideration when creating this Audiobooks app.  It's geared towards the positive things, which are why it's the hottest trend.  If the small pleasures of reading can be made easier, then more people will download a book or two.  In the meantime, this is one of the best media players for the enjoyment of your audiobooks.  

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